The infomation provided below is directly from Amnesty Internation's website history page. This is only part of all the events that occurred so to see the rest please click here.

1961: Peter Benenson launched a worldwide campaign called “Appeal for Amnesty 1961” and published the article, “The Forgotten Prisoners” in The Observer newpaper in Britain.

1962: The Prisoner of Conscience Fund was established. It provides relief to prisoners and their families.

1963: The International Secretariat, headquarters, was established in London

1964: Peter Benenson was announced president of the organization. He was the best person to be president, for he took all of his hard work and constructed this organization.

1965: Amnesty International issued its first reports on the prison conditions in Portugal, South Africa and Romania. They also sponsored a resolution at the United Nations to suspend and finally abolish the death penalty for peacetime political offences.

1972: First worldwide campaign for the abolition of toruture.

1975: By this time, there were 1592 groups in 22 countries and more than 70,000 members in 65 countries

1976: International Bill of Rights was made. It included the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

1977: Amnesty International was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. They “[have contributed to securing the ground for freedom, for justice, and thereby also for peace in the world”

1984: Second Campaign Against Torture

1994: Major international campaigns on women’s rights, disappearances, and political killings were launched.

1996: Amnesty International launched the campaign for a permanent International Criminal Court.

2000: Third Campaign against Torture

2002: Amnesty International launched a campaign in the Russian Federation against the widespread human rights abuses committed in a climate of impunity.

2004: Amnesty International launched the Stop Violence Against Women campaign.

2005:Amnesty International launched the Make Some Noise campaign, which includes music, celebration and action in support of Amnesty International’s work.

2007: Sudan’s government to protect civilians in Darfur global petition is launched.

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