Kyle Luke, a student at Boston Latin School and a member of the Amnesty International club, aided us by answering these questions.

1. Explain in your own words what Amnesty International is.
2. Do you need any skills to be in this club?
3. What impact do you think this group has on the world?
4. What are the obstacles that had to be overcome?
5. Does this group need a large number of people to succeed?
6. Does Amnesty International team up with any other groups?
7. What would the future look like after Amnesty Internationalís work is done?

1. Amnesty International is a club in Boston Latin School that is based on the worldwide organization that helps prevent Genocide and mistreatment of people. This can be achieved by raising awareness and donating money to protect human rights.

2. You do not need any skills to be in this club, it is for anyone that wants to defend human rights. Commitment is a great component to have. We need to spread as much awareness as we can so we can take greater action.

3. Personally, I believe that Amnesty has a huge impact on the world as it draws attention to things that most people do not really know about or just overlook. A good example of this is all the innocent people put in jail through out the world and groups like ours are there to help those innocent people in need.

4. The organization has to deal with a couple of obstacles but most important is that most people believe that our goal is unattainable and that itís a waste of time, but what they do not realize is that if all those people would help out then the goal is attainable. Another would be the people that are violating human rights themselves as they obviously know what they are doing and the trouble of putting pressure on them to change.

5. No, a couple of great people working diligently on a good cause can help accomplish its goal. But it is easier when there are more people working on that goal to have a larger impact.

6. Yes, Amnesty has been known to work with STAND, an anti genocide coalition also in our school, and other groups who have trouble reaching their goals and will have our group be beneficial to them and ourselves.

7. The world will be a better place with people not warring over religion, race, and politics. The problems in Burma would be nonexistent.

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