Dr. Gloria White-Hammond:Pediatrician

"She relates to her patients as individuals. She gives them time, and they just love her."

---Dr. Gerald Hass

The "day job" is something that, for many influential people, takes a backseat to their more well-know, more applauded feats. This is not true of Dr. White-Hammond who, on top of her roles as a Pastor and activist, holds a full-time position at the South End Community Health Center. She has been a pediatrician there since completing her degree at Tufts in 1982. Despite the busy, bustling atmosphere of the clinic, Gloria is known amongst her patients and her colleagues for her quiet but intense manner that allows her to connect while simultaneously treating each individual with compassion and expertise.

While she maintains the "extraordinary" interpersonal relationships that have allowed her to change so many lives, Dr. White-Hammond has also reached great standing publicly. She has served on the Women's Health Leadership Forum of Brigham and Women's Hospital, and from her work at the clinic was inspired to found Do the Write Thing. Despite her successes, Dr. White-Hammond nevertheless describes the most difficult aspect of any of her many roles as the disheartening feeling of being able to do nothing. This is of course an aspect that occurs often in any medical clinic, but Gloria, with a calling for service, takes it to heart. She would doubtless be as renowned as she is if she did not.