Massachusetts Darfur Coalition

As well as the vast work Pastor White-Hammond has done for My Sister's Keeper, she has also founded and serves on the chair of the Massachusetts Darfur Coalition, which has since become prominent in Darfur activism. Focusing on promoting awareness genocide and encouraging activism, it consists of over 50 groups. It has organized many events such as concerts, banquets and movie screenings. The Massachusetts Darfur Coalition is a part of the national organization, Save Darfur, which encompasses 165 organizations and 130 million Americans. Gloria White-Hammond also led a large rally in Washington D.C. on April 30, 2006.   During the rally, protesters challenged the government to support the sending of a multi-national force to end the violence in Darfur. Three quarters of a million postcards were also sent to the White House as part of a national campaign begun by Pastor White-Hammond called Million Voices for Darfur. The campaign even reached Boston Latin students last year through the organization Amnesty International. Her efforts with the Save Darfur coalition are evidence of her capable position in the forefront of Darfur activism.