There are many parts to a solution. It invovles cutting back on greenhouse gas emission. At a national level, there have been many proposed plans such as the Kyoto Protocol callign for nations to cut their 6 major greenhouse gas emission by 5.2% by 2010. The six major greenhouse gases are Carbon, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Sulfur Hexaflouride, Hydrofluorocarbon(HFC) and Perfluorocarbon(PFC). For more information about these gases, Click Here.

A main part of the solution to help the enviroment is to choose a more efficient car. For every gallon that you use in driving a car, you are responsible for approximately 25 gallons of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, a fuel efficient car will allow less greenhouse gas emission for every mile that you drive. There are currently Hybrids available on the market. There is a list of the most efficent and the least efficient on-line at the Official Fuel Economy Website.

Another part of the solution is to choose a renewable energy source. Some electric companies still burn coal and other non-renewable sources to produce electricity. Renewable energy can be found in wind mills, solar panels, and geothermal and bioenergy energy.

Some states have already taken their own initiatives. For example, California has already created their own fuel efficiency laws and the New England Sates have gotten together and created RGGI(Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative). To learn more about this Initiative, Click here

There are many personal solutions that everyone can take part in. It is now important that everyone have an energy audit done in their homes. Tofind out about your energy bill, Click here and enter in your zipcode and a form with appear that will calculate yourenergy bill. Click to find out moreabout New England Energy Audits. Clickhere for information about free audits in other states.

Following the audit, you can look at your lightbulbs around yorouse. Are they compact fluorescents? If not, they they are not as efficient as they can be. Compact fluorescents are the ones that have the spiraling top. They save energy and also lassts longer. Most stores will carry these. but to order on-line, Click Here.

Then you can always plant a tree or help support a clean-up of nature in your community. You can also help by letting your legislator know that you care about your enviroment and want something to be done about it.

So, help the enviroment to make the world a better place for everyone.