An Inconvenient Truth
This is the offical page for An Inconvenient Truth. This site provides information, clips, and trailers for the movie. It also gives some explaination about the science of Global Warming. The site offers a variety of ways to take action against Global Warming.

Global Warming
This page offers many important links and facts about Global Warming. It also provides a daily roundup of all news articles that relate to Global Warming. It also provides the economic and political point of view on Global Warming.

This page offers a wide selection of reference sources and relating to Global Warming. This page provides the average researcher with plenty of information about the science, effects, and what is being done about Global Warming. It also provides a great deal of information about what the United States Climate Policy.

The Natural Resources Defense Council
This site, like many others, provides information about what can be done and what is being done to stop Global Warming. This group, the Natural Resources Defense Council, dedicates their lives to finding ways to stop Global Warming as well as preventing a reoccurance. Their motto is "The Earth's Best Defense"

Beat the Heat
This is a virtual map for Global Warming. This page provides people with the options of adding their names to a map that proves to Congress just how many people really want to stop Global Warming.

The Fuel Economy
This site offers a variety of charts that tell the amount of carbon emission of every make and model of cars. It's mission is merely to let people know the amount of carbon that their car can be putting into the air.

The Regional Greenhouse-Gas Initative
This page provides information pertaining to Greenhouse gasses, as said on the Science page of the Global Warming section on this webpage. As said previously, these gasses are very harmful to the enviornment and increase the average temperature by a few degrees yearly.

Home Energy Saver
This website provides homeowners with a way to figure out the best ways to save energy in their home.

Free Energy Audits
This page offers a variety of ways for someone to come over to your house and give you an energy audit. If you pay, someone will actually come to your house and tell you the ways that you can cut back on your