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Mac OS X - Safari Compatibility
Safari is not in-sync with the rest of the internet.

Viewing a page in Safari will yield different colors of images and pages than viewing it in Mozilla Firefox or on a PC.

((You may never have noticed, but Safari is darker!))

In order to satisfy the majority of internet-surfers, we built our site to match the widely-used (though not in Sarari) Gamma 2.2 standard (don't worry, you don't have to know what that means).

We love Macs & PCs (this site was developed using both!) and we want
Mac & PC users alike to have friendliest viewing experience.

For this reason, we strongly reccomend viewing our page through Mozilla Firefox if you are using an Apple Mac running OS X. Follow the link below to get a copy of Firefox for free (the link will open in a new browser window).

Get Firefox

Note that you can view our site in Safari, but for the optimal and most natural experience,
Mozilla Firefox is a simple and free solution.