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Watch "Strong as Iron"


This is a very moving, inspirational, and emotional video shown in movie theatres before the previews about ironworkers building a new Dana-Farber building and their interactions with kids at the Jimmy Fund clinic.

Though all of our featured videos are definately worth watching, we highly reccomend that everyone takes the time to watch the "Strong as Iron" video. It might also be best to have a box of tissutes nearby, just in case.

For our interview / tour with Dr. Clayton, see our page dedicated to her and our interview with her.

To listen to the original May 22nd, 1948 "Truth or Consequences" radio show that led to the founding of the Jimmy Fund and therefore Dana-Farber, go here.

Watch "Pets"


"Pets" is a television advertisement put on the air by Dana-Farber a few years ago; it is a very nice video about how the pets of patients can only give their love, but we, as humans, can give more.


More Dana-Farber / Jimmy Fund videos, are made available by DFCI / The Jimmy Fund on this Jimmy Fund page.