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Mcrosoft Windows - Internet Explorer Compatibility
Internet Explorer is a little behind the times...

Internet Explorer (IE) is currently does not meet the W3 standards for HTML/CSS!

((See "Standards Support" under "Criticism" on Wikipedia))
...and if you don't trust Wikipedia, then take our word for it.

That means that looking at this page in IE (especially IE 7) might be ugly!

In order to comply with the widely-accepted W3 standards, we programmed using real, clean CSS and HTML, which IE sometimes has a problem interpreting (which is why it may look a little funky)...

Our site should work fine in Internet Explorer, but for the best, most friendly, and
frankly the prettiest experience, we reccomend Mozilla Firefox for viewing our site.

We're not asking you to use it forever, but we are suggesting it for now.

Follow the link below to get a copy of Firefox for free (the link will open in a new browser window).

Get Firefox

Remember that you can view our site in IE, but for the optimal and most natural experience,
Mozilla Firefox is a simple and free solution.