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What Sidney Farber originally created some sixty years ago has become an internationally renowned organization for its excellence in cancer research, as well as clinical trials.

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A major affiliate of Harvard Medical School, the institute is located in the Longwood Medical area in Boston Massachusetts. It employs thousands of scientists, researchers, and doctors, and receives over 180,000 pediatric patients each year. In addition to its cancer research and clinical trials, Dana-Farber is also a federally funded center for AIDS research, and is home to leading research in the field.

The Dana-Farber Cancer
Institute's headquarters in Boston's
Longwood Medical Area, near
Children's Hospital

In cooperation with the Brigham and Women's hospital, Dana-Farber provides care to adult cancer patients in Boston. Dana-Farber provides outpatient services, while inpatient services are taken care of at Brigham and Women's. Treatment is provided in twelve specific areas, each focused on helping patients fight a certain type of cancer. This layout aids patients in their families in getting specialized care all in one place. Dana-Farber and Brigham and Women's Hospital also ally with Massachusetts General Hospital, and the three together create the Dana-Farber Partners Cancer Care group. This group provides the best technology and service of two of the best hospitals, and aids in devising new cancer treatments through numerous clinical trials. Partnered with Children's Hospital in Boston, the Dana- Farber Cancer Institute provides care to children with many different types of cancer, offering comprehensive and specialized care, something Mr. Farber emphasized.

Today, Dana-Farber provides advanced training in cancer research and treatment internationally. It also remains a strong force in the local community, providing cancer awareness programs throughout New England. The organization is funded by the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as well as by numerous individuals and other foundations, who contribute to the Jimmy Fund and aid in continuing the amazing work at Dana-Farber.

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