"I used to wonder how it was that the man who did the most for the Rwandans feels the worst. The answer is simple. Dallaire doesn't live with abstract memories; he lives with human consequences." Samantha Power

Profoundly conscious, ethical, and sympathetic, Romeo Dallaire has never forgotten the people that he could not save in Rwanda. During the genocide in 1994, General Dallaire could not anticipate how much the slaughter and butchery would affect him when he returned to Canada. Thereafter he could not overcome his memories of terror and spiraled into suicidal episodes of depression and alcoholism. However, Dallaire realized that he wanted to expose the tragic events for all the world to see in the hopes that history would not repeat itself. He saw the humanity of the world crumble and disappear under the forces of evil, while nobody but he and his remaining troops tried to save lives. Currently the senator of Quebec, General Romeo Dallaire has made it his mission to actively pursue institutional methods of addressing current humanitarian issues in the world and our responsibilities as human beings to stop them.