Meet Bobby

When not quoting a line from The Departed or discussing the most recent episode of 24, 18-year-old Bobby can be found watching a Red Sox game, playing baseball, or doing an impression of JFK. A senior at BLS, Bobby can always be seen in the halls fraternizing with comrades and reciting Family Guy jokes to much laughter. He also writes for the school paper, The Argo. He's not afraid to boast of his Irish heritage, and often sports a Red Sox jersey. Bobby hopes to someday work in the criminal justice field where he feels he can make a difference and possibly even save the world a few times (just like agent Jack Bauer, his idol). Bobby became interested in Robert F. Kennedy many years ago because they share the same initials: RFK (Robert Francis Kennedy - Robert Francis Keough). Bobby hopes to show how the younger Kennedy brother was truly an important, great man who worked to improve an America where racism and the Vietnam War divided the nation.