Barack Obama

Not only has Samantha Power involved herself in American politics through her journalism and her book A Problem from Hell , but she is also currently working in Washington, D.C. as a foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama, D-Ill. Obama, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has many "fresh ideas"--in the words of Power, "he's not a foreign policy guy." Power herself said she "knew almost nothing about the Senate before I started." The two are together considering the issues, however, and working to prepare Obama to effectively advocate the increased transparency of government affairs. This involves both talking and "a lot of listening."

            Obama has traveled to the former Soviet Union and Iraq, and is also planning to visit Darfur and other areas of Africa during his trip to the continent in August. According to Power, he is concentrating his efforts on the development of "a tough, smart, and humane foreign policy." Obama is trying to solve problems he sees in the United States and its relations, and Power is advising him on topics such as the United Nations, Darfur, and Guantanamo Bay. She has expressed excitement about the work she is doing with Obama, which is supported by a fellowship she was granted by the Council on Foreign Relations. Even so, she seems to look forward to returning home to Boston in September. "Just in time for the playoffs."