He matriculated to the University of Ibadan in Nigeria and to Columbia University after graduating from the University of Mississippi. His entrance papers to Ole Miss have been placed in the J.D. Williams Library since 1997. Over the years, James Meredith became increasingly conservative and believed liberal whites were the greatest enemies to African Americans. He has tried to gain a seat in Congress but has always failed. He was part of Senator Jesse Helm’s cabinet. In 1991, he endorsed David Duke in his race for a Senate seat. David Duke said that Meredith believed “that forced integration was not a good thing for black people or for white people.” In 1990, he participated in an interview that was published in the Southern Partisan. During this interview, he spoke badly of white liberals and Martin Luther King, Jr. Meredith was against the use of nonviolence because he believes that nonviolence means, “giving up your manhood.” Meredith supported Ross Barnett, the governor who had opposed his enrollment at Ole Miss, in his political campaigns. In 1967, he attempted to remove Adam Clayton Powell, a prominent black politician, from the House of Representatives.

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