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Paul David Hewson (Bono) born in Rotunda Hospital, Dublin (May 10)


British paratroopers kill thirteen Catholic demonstrators at a civil rights march in Derry, also known as "Bloody Sunday" (January 30)


Iris Hewson, Bono's mother, dies of a brain hemmorage (September 4)


U2 is formed and Paul Hewson takes on the name "Bono Vox" (Autumn)


Bono marries Alison Stewart (August 21)


Bono's father, Robert Hewson, makes an appearance on stage at a U2 performance in Dublin (August 14)


Bono is featured on the Band Aid fundraiser CD, which is recorded on November 25 and released on December 3


Bono appears at Live Aid


Bomb explodes in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, killing 13 people (November 8)


Bono makes his first live solo appearance at a fundraising event (April 30)

Bono's first daughter, Jordan, is born, as Bono turns 39 (May 10)


Bono's second daughter, Memphis Eve, is born (July 7)


Bono orders 10,000 pizzas for the audience at a Detroit concert

US President Bill Clinton contacts U2 live on air during an interview


Bono's first son and third child, Elijah Bob Patricious Guggi Q, is born (August 21)

Bono attends the G-8 Summit in Germany presenting a petition supporting the Jubilee 2000 campaign

Addresses U.N General Assembly

Meets with Pope John Paul II to promote a debt-relief plan


Bono appears at Live 8 and Band Aid 20


Bono's second son and fourth child, John Abraham, is born (May 21)


Bono gives US treasury secretary Paul O'Neill a tour of Africa

Bono helps set up DATA 


Bono honors legacy of MLK Jr. (January)


Bono and Bill Gates argue for a better deal for the poor of the world through the One campaign and DATA, Bono's organization

Bono joins Bill Gates and Tony Blair at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland

Bono wins TED prize

Bono and his wife Ali Hewson launch their clothing line, EDUN

Bono shows up at a book signing for his biography by Michka Assayas at Barnes and Noble in Boston

Bono lobbies for the G8 conference

G8 countries promise Bono and Bob Geldof to double aid to Africa, a big advance in debt relief for Africa

Guns are laid down in Ireland

Bono meets with President Bush at the White House to discuss global poverty and the G8 Summit in Scotland (October 20)

Bono is named Time's "Person of the Year" with Bill and Melinda Gates (December)


Bono launches Product "RED" to fight AIDS in Africa

Bono nominated for Nobel Peace Prize (February)

Bono supports Bush at 54 th Annual National Prayer Breakfast

Bono meets with Brazilian president Lula da Silva