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Political Involvement

Bono may not be a politician, but his concern for the people of Africa has driven him to become involved in politics. His concern has prompted U.S President Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and many others to make a difference.   Bill and Melinda Gates have been a driving force behind DATA, Bono's organization that focuses on the debt, AIDS, and trade issues of Africa.

Bono's most important contribution through politics has been his impact on the 2005 G8 (Group of 8) Summit. In the days leading up to the summit , President Bush spoke with Bono about the issues concerning Africa. Bush promised to increase aid to Africa and kept his promise. Overall the G8 meeting was a success; aid to Africa among these nations doubled from $25 billion to $50 billion. Bono also presented a petition supporting the Jubilee 2000 organization for continuation at the summit meeting as well. The Jubilee 2000 organization's goal is to end poverty and injustice in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Bono's participation in the 2005 World Economic Forum in Switzerland also helped to globally publicize his dedication to his cause. Bono, along with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Former US President Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and several other powerful world figures. Bono's ability to inspire others is particularly important when it comes to politics. His unrelenting dedication has made a difference not solely in the economic realm, but also in politics.

Bono has transformed the economic and political landscape of many parts of Africa. His appeal to many world leaders has kicked off the reversal of debt in many third world and developing countries. Bono has frequently collaborated with Bill and Melinda Gates in particular to create a brighter economic and political future for the Africa.