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Evolution of Music

U2 has managed to maintain their popularity and success for three decades, while other musicians have fallen from their glory, because Bono and the band have been able to change with the times. Bono's music continues to evolve with each album they produce.

U2 began as an early version of a post-punk band, a style of music
popular in the '80s similar to punk but more organized and focused on
vocals. The style of music allowed the band to move into the spotlight
and become part of the average scene. Its uniqueness however gave it
an edge over many other bands as well. The band's reliance on The
Edge's guitar abilities and its Christian and religious themes allowed
it to survive the early years. U2's vocals would not become their strong point until a few years after their debut.

By the mid-80's their musical style and themes of the music encountered significant change. Influences from many different genres of music as well as political issues in Ireland are noticeable throughout the lyrics of many of the songs. Bono used his band and the culture of music to spread awareness of many troubling issues. Messages of peace in the songs are found in the songs: "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "MLK", and "Mothers of the Disappeared," all of which were all written in the '80's.

As the '90s were coming to an end, the evolution of U2 was not. Influences from techno, pop, pop-punk, and post-grunge could be seen in much of the band's music, keeping it part of the world's everyday music selection. By the turn of the century their music had evolved tremendously—from an unknown Irish post-punk band to a pop-rock music legend, focused on providing awareness of important issues through music. Bono still asks for peace and an end to violence in many of his songs. Events such as September 11th, Debt relief in Africa, and the on going wars hold relevance to many of the lyrics in the songs Bono has produced.

Even though U2 is viewed by the media as a politically driven rock group, they still remain true to their roots, incorporating their first and latest music styles together in order to give a new taste to an old recipe. U2 continues to thrive as a band loved by different generations as they continue to evolve with the change of music.