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Impact on the World

Bono uses the words of his music to communicate with his audience. According to Bono, "Music can change the world because it can change people."

Bono's fans connect with the band because many of the songs he has written are soulful. Bono himself connects with fans at concerts, by dancing with fans, providing pizza for the whole audience, or talking frankly about the problems he wants solved.

Bono's music doesn't force people to get up and save the world, but it does make people realize these problems exist. Bono's music helps people become aware of situations they normally would not have considered

"U2 doesn't pretend to have the answers to the world's troubles. Instead, they devote their energies to letting us know that they are concerned and to creating awareness about those problems. And not only is that refreshing, but it makes sense, because U2 understand that it's the gesture, not the message, that counts" (Rolling Stone Magazine, 1990).