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Band Today

Since their debut in 1976 U2 has managed to strive as a band. Still a prevalent force in modern rock music and now Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees the band is thriving more than ever. U2 has managed to remain on the top of the rock world with the release of their latest album "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" and promises of a new album in the near future.   

U2 has also remained active, continuing the "Vertigo" tour, which began with 26 U.S shows in 2005 with shows worldwide. In November of 2005 they announced the band will appear in Mexico, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and finish in Hawaii possibly in April 2006. These shows sold in record times and in record amounts, some even in less than an hour.   

U2 has also connected with other artists in the music world more than ever. The band was featured on Mary J. Blidge's album in the song "One". In addition to working with Blidge Bono recorded "In a Lifetime" with Irish band Clannad and also worked with another Irish band, The Corrs. Bono and The Edge worked on the lyrics for "GoldenEye," performed by Tina Turner for the James Bond movie while Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. did work for the 1996 "Mission Impossible" movie soundtrack. Outside of the music world U2 has connected with author William S. Burroughs through the lyrics and themes of its songs. Burroughs' poetry was highlighted during the band's Zoo TV tour. 

Claims have been made that the band is ready to work on the continuation of their last album. However, Bono personally stated that the band will again experiment with new ideas, inspired by hip-hop and touring with Kanye West. Possible tracks to be included may be "North Star", a cut from "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb" featuring organist Michael Smith , a tribute to Johnny Cash, "Lead Me In The Way I Should Go", and "Mercy", another cut from 'Atomic Bomb'.   

U2 continues to produce and remain on a pedestal above many other bands and musicians. With the prospect of a new album, possibly as early as late 2006 or 2007, and trendy merchandise such as the U2 iPod, U2 fans remain at the feet of the band as they have been for the past three decades.