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Economic Causes

Now more than ever, Bono has become a household name, not just for his music, but also more importantly for his humanitarian work. Bono has shown his dedication to Africa through his Live Aid, Live 8, Band Aid, and Band Aid 20 concert appearances, as well as his involvement in his organization DATA, the clothing line Edun and Amnesty International.

DATA, which stands for debt, AIDS, trade, Africa, is an organization founded by Bono whose mission is to help people in Africa by giving the economic and political systems a jump start, instead of providing traditional aid.   DATA seeks to increase African participation in world trade, reduce Africa's debt, and spread AIDS awareness, the knowledge of unfair working rules and restrictions, and democracy.

DATA unites many different people and governments for one goal: to stop the spread of AIDS and extreme poverty in Africa.

Edun is a clothing line created by Bono and his wife, Ali to help countries in Africa by practicing fair labor, wages, and working conditions. Its mission is different from other non-profit organizations. Each of Edun's factories has been thoroughly inspected to meet Bono and Ali's high standards.   By founding Edun, Bono and Ali have shifted focus from giving aid, to helping to jump-start economies in Africa.

Edun not only sells high fashion goods, but they are also not produced by child labor. This high fashion line may be a bit pricy, but is still much cheaper than many other designer brands. One can have high fashion and save the world at the same time. Edun is helping jump start Africa's economy, which has been taking a turn for the worst since the '70's.

Some people may wonder, why doesn't Bono donate all of his money to charity instead of working so hard to raise money? His answer is simple: people wouldn't care. Celebrity activists are more interesting than donors. The noise created by celebrities gets people involved. Bono would rather have the world recognize and support his cause than donate money, which only would solve the problem for a short time.