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Early Band

In 1976, the foundation of U2 was formed in Dublin by 14-year-old Larry Mullen, Jr., when six boys responded to a bulletin he posted requesting musicians. The group formed The Larry Mullen Band, which was soon changed to Feedback. Mullen played the drums, Bono was the vocalist, Dave Evans (Edge) and Dik Evans played guitar, and Adam Clayton was on bass guitar.

After 18 months, Feedback changed their name to The Hype and began performing live. One performance was a talent show where they won studio recording time. The group began gaining popularity as The Hype and even piqued the interest of future manager Paul McGuinness.

Soon after the name U2 was acquired, the band released their first single U2-3, in 1974 topping Irish charts after the departure of guitarist Dik Evans. The band's early themes consisted primarily of religion and growing up. The band did not achieve international fame until a few years later.