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Role as a Celebrity

Bono and his wife, Ali Hewson, have used his celebrity status to spread awareness of the economic state of Africa. Despite the fame and fortune, Bono has stayed humble.

As U2 becomes more successful and gains new followers every day, Bono's mission becomes that much easier. Millions of people listen to what he has to say. He influences many by lecturing about debt, AIDS, trade, and Africa.

Bono has used his celebrity status to meet with world leaders such as President Bush. Bono had discussed his concerns relating to Africa with the President days before the last G8 meeting Summit that took place in July 2005 in the UK. Scotland. He was successful in the sense he got aid to Africa doubled. Bono has used his celebrity status to his advantage. The organization DATA: debt, AIDS, trade, Africa, and his clothing line, EDUN, would not have been half as successful if Bono was not a celebrity.

Bono's special role in society allows him to voice opinions that are often neglected by politicians. He takes a stand on an issue many have grown numb to. After a while one may lose interest in the economic affairs of Africa, but that does not justify doing nothing. Bono wields the power of the media— to shape the thoughts of the general public. Bono's concern for Africa has significantly increased awareness and activism relating to debt, AIDS, and trade issues of the continent.

Bono may be a music celebrity first, but he is a humanitarian at heart.