Our Mission Statement

     Social activists and leaders can be found in every corner of the globe.   In searching for a subject for our Seevak project this became even clearer to us.   What also became clear, however, is that one does not have to look into the farthest corner to find someone who has made a significant contribution to her community and world.   Such a person can be found in our own city, even our own neighborhood.   In choosing Sister Ann to profile in our website, we choose to highlight a hidden hero that gives of herself daily to benefit not only her community but also the world.   In doing this, we hope to educate our readers about the potential for greatness in our own city and also across the world.   We have learned a great deal through our research and taken great pleasure in the opportunities that we had.   We hope that through telling Sister Ann's story we can open the eyes of our readers and inspire them to challenge themselves to action.