Sister Ann is born in rural Michigan



Sister Ann takes her vows as a Sister of Charity, an order focused on giving back to the community.



Sister Ann leaves The Sisters of Charity after the order becomes more cloistered and conservative due to the controversial Vatican II reforms.

-Late 1969 -

Sister Ann moves to Boston after being invited Cardinal Richard Cushing to work at the Bromley- Heath housing development running a program geared to educating welfare mothers.

-April- June 1994-

The Rwandan Genocide

  • -December 1999-

    Sister Ann is approached to participate in Woman Waging Peace, a program at Harvard's Kennedy School through which she meets Aloisea Inyumba the governor of the Kigali- Ngali province in Rwanda.



Sister Ann graduates from high school


Sister Ann moves to New York, at that time a center for Catholic reform movements.

-Oct. 11, 1962 - Dec. 8, 1965-

The Second Vatican Council convened by Pope John XXVII reformed certain antiquated church practices and traditions to make the Catholic church more accessible to the modern believer. The decrees of the council were very controversial and caused turmoil in many church orders.



Sister Ann moves to South Boston and begins work as the executive director of the South Boston Neighborhood House a community center in the neighborhood.