About Us

So you've went through our site and would like to know who we are and why we did our Seevak project on Robert Matsui, right? Well, we're all Seevak veterans but we didn't really have a topic in mind when we first began. We finally decided on Matsui over others because we felt that we can relate to him more than others. He is a minority and he fought for minorities. All three of us are minorities. But then another problem came up; there were absolutely no book sources on him! But we did find a lot of articles on him and we decided to stick to him and see what happens. To our surprise, there were so many periodicals and websites on him that we didn't even need books on him. We even managed to get an interview from Mr. O'Rourke, a congressional correspondent who knew Matsui very well.

From this project we learned a lot about the history between the Japanese American internment camps, since our American history classes don't really go indept on this topic. We also learned how politics work and how we should pay more attention to some of the current issues, like social security because they will affect us later in our lives.

And finally, just as Matsui was inspired by Clarence Darrow and J.F.K.'s inaugural speech on public service, Matsui himself really inspired us try to do more for our society because little things can make great differences. We need to prevent future racial stereotyping and misunderstandings.

Aileen Zhen
Aileen is a high school senior and this is her third and final year working on Seevak. From this experience she has taken with her many things. She has learned the courage and strength that humanitarians overcome to try to make the world better is no easy feat; and that the Seevak web competition is a great humanitarian effort because it brings awareness to several people all around the world. When Aileen is not working on Seevak she loves to eat chocolate and cheer for her World Series winning Red Sox. She is also more than happy to see that her five months of hard work and dedication is finally up and running on the internet.

Berlinda Luong
This is Berlinda’s third year working on Seevak and her last (seeing as she is a high school senior). Though her long and arduous journey with the web building competition has been hard and sometimes stressful, she greatly appreciates the opportunity that she has had to participate in it. She has been through many ups and downs with the whole process but takes satisfaction in the fact that she is in effect helping to educate people about immoral things happening all over the world, and also in effect paying homage to people all over the world who really deserve it. When Berlinda isn’t focused on Seevak she is beautifully playing the piano or stressing out over Nutrons (but we still love her).

Ifeoma Onuorah
A long time veteran of the Seevak Web Competition this is Ify’s fifth year working on the Seevak Web Competition. Though signs of stress are at times apparent on her face from the hard work that she puts into Seevak she would not give up her five years of experience for anything. When Ify is not working on Seevak (which is almost never) she is busy focusing on her artwork and being silly with her friends.