We would like to thank the following individuals for helping us with our research and with creating our website. Without their assistance, our project would not be what it is now. Thanks again!

Ms. Freeman- Thanks for organizing this whole project and letting us use your room and other equipment.

Julie Ng, Tech Advisor- Thanks for coping with us for yet another year and helping us with our site.

Lawrence O'Rourke, National, Political, and Congressional Correspondent, McClatchy Newspapers- The interview with you has been a great help to our project. Thanks for speaking to us.

Ms. Powell, Advisor- Thanks for heading us in the right direction.

Mr. Seevak, Project Sponsor- Thanks for creating such a powerful project that we can participate in every year.

Julie Thomas, California State University Library Special Collections & Manuscripts Librarian- Thanks for your assistance and for sending us all the documents relating to Robert Matsui.

Rob Winikates- Thanks for letting us into Harvard to work on the project when we had no where else to go.

Katarina Yee- Thanks for playing awesome music and advising us on our project.

Ke Zhang, Tech Advisor- Thanks for keeping us on track with our webdesigning deadlines and for helping with our audio.

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