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1959 – Winona is born in Los Angeles, CA.

1977 – Speaks to UN: International Indian Treaty Council on Native American issues of mining and reservations

1982 – Graduated Harvard

1989 – LaDuke is awarded the Reebok Human Rights Award
            Founded the White Earth Land Recovery Project (click here for more information)

1993 – On September 28th, Winona LaDuke gives a speech at University of Colorado at Boulder on Social Justice,
            Racism and the Environmental Movement. (click here for more information)

1994 – Nominated by Time Magazine as one of America’s fifty most promising leaders under forty years of age.

1996 – Ran for vice-presidency with Ralph Nadar on the Green Party ticket.

            Received the Thomas Merton Award

            Received the Ann Bancroft Award

1997 – Voyager Press publishes LaDuke’s first book, “Last Standing Woman”, a work of fiction

1998 – Ms. Magazine names Winona LaDuke “Woman of the Year” for her work with Honor the Earth

1999 – South End Press publishes “All Our Relations”, a non-fiction work on Native American struggles to preserve their lands and the environment

2000 – Made a second campaign for vice-presidency with Ralph Nadar on the Green Party ticket

            Winona LaDuke is interviewed by Alicia Montgomery
            July 13, 2000: Nadar’s No. 2 (click here for more information)

2004 – Winona LaDuke is interviewed by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now

            March 8th, 2004: Former Nader Running-mate Defends Nader's 2004 Presidential Bid,

            Discusses International Women's Day, Racism and Alternative Energy (click here for more information)

            May 3rd, 2004: Winona LaDuke On Native American Activists Throughout History
(click here for more information)


2005 – Winona LaDuke lectures at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (See media clips)