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About the Seevak Project

The Seevak Project is an annual competition at Boston Latin School.

The topic for this year’s Seevak Facing History Prize competition is a person or group in the twentieth century that has taken a courageous stand and, as a result, has made an important difference to society, either on a local, national, or international scale. The topic encourages the investigation of an individual or group that contributed in some special way to building or improving tolerance, human rights, justice for individuals and the citizenry and/or democratic institutions. The person selected could be someone well known or could be someone local, perhaps less well known, but who has contributed something meaningful and important to the betterment of society. Each team will select the subject of their project, research a variety of different sources, and write a core document that is then expanded into a multimedia computer-based project using the latest tools available for website design. Each team will be assigned a faculty advisor who will help with research problems and refining topics and website content.

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