Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger got hooked on folk music when he attended a folk festival in North Carolina at age sixteen. Shortly afterwards he left Harvard to travel, hoping to gain a thorough knowledge of American folk music. He mastered the five-string banjo, in addition to several other instruments, and assembled a large repertoire of songs. During his travels, he met Woody and Leadbelly, and the three influenced and taught one another, each with a different area of expertise. Seeger founded the Almanac Singers in 1940, in which Woody was involved. It broke up and was later reconfigured as the Weavers. In the 1950s Seeger and other members of the Weavers were blacklisted for involvement with union organization, but Seeger continued to sing songs of protest throughout his life. He now lives in New York state, and is very much involved with hands-on environmental activism.

We were lucky enough to have had the chance to have a phone interview with him. For more details on the interview, click here.