Concluding Dedication:

Throughout his faithful years in office, Vaclav Havel has enjoyed, for the most part, relatively high approval as a leader from both electorates and the Czech people with favorable ratings of over eighty percent. He has made numerous influential trips not only within his own country of Czech Republic, but internationally as well, tirelessly addressing important and worthy issues, both domestic and political. Although it's true that generally, most of the political power rests with the Prime Minister, Havel has made incredible difference as a moral and ethical political influence in the Czechoslovakian government by promoting both freedom and human rights through independent thought and reason, not, quoting the man's own words, by "espous[ing] any ideology, dogma, or doctrine - left-wing, right-wing, or any other closed, ready-made system of presuppositions about the world."

At large, and full of impact globally and nationally, as a man who enjoyed favorable ratings of over eighty percent for most of his time in office, Havel was a talented and dedicated president. As a person, although he has received a huge number of awards and honorary degrees, written an number of speeches, plays, books, essays and other literary works, graced many countries (not to mention prisons) around the globe, all in the span of a lifetime not yet over, ex-president, ex-revolutionary Havel continues to resonate with humbleness and sincerity, unaffected by his great accomplishments, and astonishingly uninfected by the devouring madness of power that consumes even the most able men. Of all his qualities, in the end, what makes Vaclav Havel not just some shallow, famous political figure, but a memorable, unique, important and well liked individual, who has truly made a difference, is his perpetual consideration for, and selfless struggles on behalf of the three things he loves, respects, has never forgotten, and will never forget:

Freedom, truth and the Czech people.