She was the author of hundreds of novels and short stories, including the world renown novel, The Good Earth, and she was the first American woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938. She was the founder of the East and West Association, which promoted better understanding between people in the East and West and also the co-founder of Welcome House, the first adoption agency for interracial kids. During the American civil rights movement, she advocated for women’s rights, racial rights, and improvement in education, to just name a few, and even provoked the creation of an FBI file on herself.

Who was she?

Today, few will recognize the name Pearl S. Buck (kudos if you do!) despite all she did and all the obstacles she had to go through to accomplish her goals. Our objective is to recreate with this site the world of Pearl Buck, her motivations, her struggles, and her achievements and hope that one day you will follow her footsteps and in turn somehow contribute to the betterment of society.