"I believe that ultimately there will be justice for the Palestinians." -Hanan Ashrawi






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In 1998, Dr. Ashrawi founded the Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy, or MIFTAH (the acronym is not taken from the English translation). Separate from the Palestinian Authority, MIFTAH is based in Jerusalem. Dr. Ashrawi is currently the secretary general of MIFTAH.


This organization aims to aid the Palestinian nation-building process through international understanding of current events and living conditions of Palestinians and free flow of information within the Middle East. It aims to inform all people of the issues at hand and the stakes of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict while ensuring human rights and democratic practices in Palestine. A goal of MIFTAH is to create a strong and accountable government in Palestine. A platform for international communication and understanding is presented by MIFTAH; it hopes to create bonds with members of the international community and alter the general public perception of Palestinians.