" We have seen governments fail. . . but we have still not seen people fail" -Hanan Ashrawi





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The Geneva Accord

Introduced to the international community in October of 2003, the Geneva Accord is a final-status agreement that discusses several major issues with regard to the conflict between Israel and Palestine. It is based on the Clinton Plan presented at the Camp David summit in 2000. Issues that the accord hopes to deal with include right of return, evacuation of Israeli settlements and abandonment of Israel’s control over the Temple Mount. According to the code, the control of the Wailing Wall, the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, and Mt. Scopus and the Mount of Olives would go to Israel, while the Temple Mount would be controlled by Muslim authorities.


Though still unofficial, the accord would be implemented by an international committee, to ensure that everything was carried out as outlined in the accord. Though some have hope for the accord as possible solution, Hanan Ashrawi sees it merely as a starting point. In her view, the accord itself is not a solution, merely an incentive for further talks, showing that on both sides of the conflict people exist who are willing to work for peace and acknowledge the wishes and concerns of others. She is concerned by the way the accord deals with the return of Palestinian refugees. Dr. Ashrawi feels that the Geneva accord deals with this merely as a question of demographics and not one of human interest.


'However, the right of return is not the major issue that concerns those who oppose the Geneva accord. The accord states that the Muslim authorities will have control of the Temple Mount. Many conservative Israelis are upset by this and are afraid that the accord is a one-way deal, which puts Israel in a position to give up important areas and settlements, without receiving anything in return. A group of 250 right-wing rabbis have condemned as traitors the creators of the accord, namely Yossi Belin and Yasser Abed Rabbo. They are strongly against giving up control of holy places in Jerusalem and allowing Muslim authorities to have control of the Temple Mount.