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April 9, 2002. NPR - Hanan Ashrawi discusses conditions in the West Bank and prospects for peace. "The lives that are lost are irreplaceable." 5:04.

October 26, 2000. NPR - Hanan Ashrawi comments on why the peace process broke up in fall 2000. 11:30.


July 14, 2000. NPR - Hanan Ashrawi speaks at the Camp David Summit about Palestinian bargaining positions, especially the status of Palestinian refugees and the future of Jerusalem. 6:18.

April 12, 2000. UC Berkeley - A representative of UCB interviews Hanan Ashrawi on her background and activism. 33:16.

August 6, 1998. NPR - Hanan Ashrawi resigns from Yasser Arafat’s council to protest corruption and mismanagement. 2:10.