Thanh's Reflections

The events that occurred in Tian An Men Square on June 4, 1989 are forbidden discussion topic in China today. Its Communist government forbids people from openly talking about it and the Chinese press is strictly controlled. China's citizens are denied basic rights. Arrests and trials of pro-democracy supporters are held. These are just some of the things that Communism allows.

Hypothetically, a Communist government is ideal; realistically it is far from being perfect. In theory, Communism constitutes the perfect world for everyone, because of the sharing of equal work and equal benefits according to ability. Realistically, China never achieved its Communist government, but remains a "dictatorship of the proletariat". In reality, it is an oligarchy, and it is far from good. In China, the Communist government is corrupt and the people have no representation. With a democracy, citizens would have representation and the majority would rule in affairs, such as electing leaders.

The millions of university students and citizens who peacefully held democracy demonstrations in Tian An Men Square in 1989 showed great courage. It was not until the Communist troops started to put down pro-democracy supporters did they truly show their bravery. In the face of danger, before the soldiers started firing on the students, they held their ground and stayed in the Square for what they believed in - democracy in China. When the troops started attacking them, they showed great courage and support for fellow protesters. When many students were injured from beatings and gunshot wounds, uninjured students aided them in trying to escape the Square, risking their own lives. The citizens of China also sought to help the wounded and dying. On June 4, 1989 and the days following, the citizens of China truly showed their spirit.