A poll conducted in the Beijing Youth Newspaper,
May 18, 1989

On May 17, when nearly a million Beijing citizens hit the streets to show support for the hunger-strikers, our newspaper immediately organized a group to conduct a survey.  Between 11:00 P.M. and midnight, we distributed 500 questionnaires to people in the square.  Respondents included workers, officials, intellectuals, and private-business people,  Based on the responses of the 423 returned questionnaires, the majority (over 90 percent) felt that this was a patriotic movement.  Over 80 percent felt that the movement would compel the government to give in and initiate a democracy.  Below are some of the questions and responses of the survey:*

1. What do you feel this student movement is?
a. A patriotic movement (387)
b. Students making trouble (3)
c. Turmoil (0)
d. Don't know (0)

2. How do you feel about the hunger-strikers?
a. Support them (277)
b.Understand them (193)
c. Don't understand them (17)
d. Don't care (0)

3. During this movement, did you:
a. Participate in the demonstrations (262)
b. Donate money (240)
c. Applaud or silently support the students (240)
d. Not participate (5)

4. Who do you feel should talk to the students?
a. Deng Xiaoping (241)
b. Zhao Ziyang (248)
c. Li Peng (257)

5. What will be the outcome of this hunger strike?
a. The government will meet the sudents' demands (280)
b. Both sides will compromise (48)
c. The government will suppress this movement (7)
d. There will be great national turmoil (11)
e. Don't know (46)

*Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer