Excerpt from Jan Wong's Notebook, on the Night of June 4, 1989


01.00: Saw an armed personnel carrier go through the barricade at the Wangfujing/Changan intersection toward the Square. It was stopped by the crowd just before Mao's portrait in the Square.

01.15: People tried to roll buses out onto the street in front of the hotel.

01.18: The APC in the Square is on fire.

01.20: Sound of gunfire coming from the area around Qianmen Gate.

01.25: More gunfire from there.

02.15: Heavier gunfire.

02.16: Mass panic in the Square(people flooding out). Ambulance stopped at Beijing Hotel to pick up man shot right outside the hotel.

02.20: Five ambulances pass the hotel on the way to the Square.

02.23: Five or six tanks come past the hotel from the east. Mass panic.

02.28: Five ambulances raced back to the Square.

02.35: Intense gunfire from Square. Mass panic again, crowds fleeing eastward. Two rows of troops march across Changan eastward from the Square to seal it off

02.39: Mass panic after more shooting.

02.40: Soldiers shoot some more. Crowd very dense so can't see bodies fall.

02.48: Man with red banner leads crowd back away from the Square shouting "Retreat!"

02.50: Ambulance plows into crowd, returning from the Square.

From 02.35 to 02.48: Troops have cleared a large portion of the Square.

03.07: They start shooting at studetns who threw rocks at soldiers at the eastern end of the Square.

03.12: Tremendous gunfire from the same spot. Vast crowd flees back to Beijing Hotel but is not allowed in through the barred gates.