1911- 2003

1911 Sun Yat Sen establishes the Republic of China
1912 Sun is forced from the presidency; Yuan Shikai takes power
1914 Yuan declares himself emperor
1919 May Fourth Movement
1921 Chinese Communist Party is formed
1926 Nationalist Party (KMT) launches the Northern Expedition
1927 KMT slaughters CCP members
1934 CCP members undertake the Long March
1937 Second Sino-Japanese War begins
1945 Japan surrenders; civil war breaks out between the CCP and KMT
1949 KMT collapses; Mao establishes the People's Republic of China
1955 Mao institutes "Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom"
1957 Mao institutes the Great Leap Foward
1966 Mao institutes the Cultural Revolution
1976 Mao dies; Gang of Four arrested
1977 Deng takes power; implements Four Modernizations
1978 The Democracy Wall appears in Beijing
1986 First student democracy movement
April 15, 1989 Hu Yaobang dies of a heart attack
April 20, 1989 Students petition for an audience with the government
April 22, 1989 Hu's official memorial service stirs up more dissension
April 24, 1989 Student strike begins
April 29, 1989 Students meet with government, but leave unsatisfied
May 2, 1989 Students petition for another audience with the government
May 4, 1989 Students gather in the Square, a movement reminiscent of the May Fourth Movement of 1919
May 13, 1989 The first hungers strike begins
May 15, 1989 Gorbachev visits China
May 18, 1989 Student leaders meet with the government
May 19, 1989 The hunger strike is called off
May 20, 1989 Martial law is declared
May 22, 1989 Zhao Ziyang retires from his post as General Secretary of the CCP
May 23, 1989 People's Liberaion Army (PLA) retreats to the boundaries of Beijing; student form the Alliance to Protect the Constitution
May 24, 1989 Tian An Men Square Site Headquarters formed; Chai Ling is appointed Commander in Chief
May 30, 1989 12:00 pm The Goddess of Democracy goes up
May 31, 1989 Worker protesters arrested
June 1, 1989 Students' request for a meeting with the government is rejected
June 2, 1989 The Four Noble Men start the second hunger strike
June 3, 1989 Government sends PLA to cleaer the Square
June 3, 1989, 2:00 pm PLA uses tear gas on demonstrators
June 3, 1989 10:00 pm Armored vehicles and tanks enter the city; the PLA opens fire
June 4, 1989 2:00 am The 27th field regiment surrounds the Square
June 4, 1989 4:00 am The PLA shoots another volley
June 5, 1989 An anonymous man stands in front of a column of tanks, then disappears into the crowd; the government says that there were no casualties
June 6, 1989 Foreign correspondants are told to leave China; the government says 23 students and hundreds of soldiers died in the protests
June 8, 1989 Deng Xiaoping praises the PLA for putting down the protests; China national TV releases a list of the 21 most wanted student leaders