Feng Congde

Feng Congde, born in 1967, was a graduate student at Beijing University's physics department.  He was arrested briefly for his participation in the 1986 student movement before he joined the students in Tian An Men Square in 1989.  He was an officer at the Command Headquarters.

It was Feng who called for a voice vote to decide whether to leave the square in the early hours of June 4. He, Chai Ling, and Li Lu were leading students to the southeast portion of the Square, away from the Monument to the Peoples' Heroes when troops shot out the student's loudspeakers.
At the time of the protests, Feng was married to Chai Ling.  During the revolution a group of students tried to capture Ling.  They were branded traitors.

After June 4, Feng was placed on China's most wanted list, along with many of the other prominent dissidents. To avoid arrest, Feng fled to Paris, France.  His wife, Chai Ling, stayed in Paris briefly, after her escape from China.  The two are currently divorced. 

Feng stood trial in 1992.  In 1996, he joined the efforts to free Wang Dan and other political prisoners.
He currently resides in Paris and is rumored to have gone through phases of Buddhism, Taoism, and Christianity.