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Sun Yat Sen's Three Principles of the People

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CNN In-Depth Specials - Tiananmen revisited | Visions of China: Tiananmen Square | 9/27/99

June 4th, 1989 massacre in China

Workers World: China's Tienanmen Square

CNN - Beyong Tiananmen: Clinton in China

CNN - China's dissidents: Divisions in the rank

CNN - Ding Zilin: an advocate for the dead

CNN - The lingering legacy of Tiananmen Square


Personal Accounts/Interviews 1999: A Correspondent Remembers Tiananmen

Eight Years Later: Remembering Tian An Men

Online NewsHour: Wang Dan -- April 27, 1998

China News Digest Special Issue, June 6, 1998 (includes transcript of student/government meeting on May 22, 1989 and It is necessary to take a clear-cut stand against disturbances from Renmin ribao (People's daily) editorial, April 26, 1989)

A letter from Ding Zilin to Premier Alex Langer of Italy

What I saw in Tiananmen Square: A University Student Bears Witness

Excerpt from Jan Wong's Notebook, on the morning of June 4


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Tiananmen Square, 1989: The Declassified History

Index of China Democracy Party

An excerpt of the list of those who died on June 4

Tiananmen Mothers




The Quest for Freedom

The Confrontation

The Repression

The Massacre

The Worldwide Protest



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From Children of the Dragon

Mao's portrait splattered with ink

Chai Ling's Broadcast Warrant

Wu'er Kaixi's Broadcast Warrant

Chai Ling, Wu'er Kaixi, and Wang Dan on the speaker's platform

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