Anna's Reflections


"So, what do you think of China? Communism, Mao Zedong, Tian An Men Square?"

"Uhhh, heh, well umm, I don't know."

"You don't know?" (with a tone of disbelief) "What do you mean you don't know?"

I mean I don't know. Being Chinese, sometimes people just expect me to know about China's history - especially the Tian An Men Square tragedy. In 1911, there was a big transition point in Chinese history - corruption, communism, protests, strikes, civil war, it all happened and not to have heard about them is quite impossible. Not that I didn't know who they were - "Mao Zedong? This man is very important to China...they have a picture of him hanging around somewhere on one of the walls in China. Communism? It's this type of government China has - it's not a good one. Tian An Men Square? Many students and citizens were killed. China at this time? Many educated people were killed, leaving China with only uneducated people." As accurate as these answers may be, they are too simple and one-dimensional. China is much more complicated than this.

Communism is a system of government in which everyone is supposed to have the same social and economic status. No one is supposed to be better or worse than anyone else is, but is this even possible? Can communism exist as purely as it is defined? In a utopian society, it might, but in reality, it is a lost cause. Individuals always think that they are better than others. It is a natural characteristic of humans, just as selfishness. No matter how humble you are, there is always the part of you that tells you that someone out there is in a worse state than you are. Equality for all is never going to happen.

In reality, communism is not going to work, ergo a communist government wouldn't either. A government of any type is already a contradiction to the belief of communism. A government is set up to watch over the people, create some type of standard for the people. Hence, it is considered more important than any other person . However, importance does not exist in communism since everyone is equal, so if there is a government, what kind of communism is it? People who establish communism in a country are therefore either not resolute enough or they want to use this belief to their own advantage. It is also human nature for people to be hypocritical. People who establish communism in a country usually have idealistic, altruistic aspirations. However, as the government progresses, it is subject to corruption, and the authority of the communist government is exploited by people, seeing as the vision of true communism is infeasible.

Mao Zedong established communism in China. Was his initial intention really to bring equality to all? The answer really does not matter; what matters more is the outcome. It has, as shown, been corrupt and brought many hardships into people's lives. Instead of bringing happiness and contentment, it has brought terror and regret. People supported this cause all along, believing that they would have a much better life. They have fought and died for it, and yet they have found themselves in a worse state than before. They have gone through all the injustice the government put them through, and if they fight back, many people would die including their families and friends.

Hypothetically, if pure communism did work, would it be a good thing? To have a good economy, competition is needed but communism does not allow competition and so the economy would not improve. It would eventually decline and other non-Communist countries around them would continue to improve. Those growing, rich and powerful countries could fight and conquer the weak communist nation. Then, it wouldn't be too bad a thing since they would get rid of the communism, but then that's beside the point.

In all, communism is a failure from the beginning. It gives no freedom to people. So, when protests do occur, like the one at Tian An Men Square, you have to understand what the people have gone through. Look at the extent of the protest and you can see exactly how much the people want to get rid of Communism. A man wanted freedom so desperately that he had the courage to stand in front of a tank. Communism is not good, not good at all.