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Russia Plans To Publish Banned ‘Cancer Ward’

March 4, 1987

The novel “Cancer Ward by exiled Soviet author Alexander Solzhenitsyn will be published soon in the Soviet Union, a Danish newspaper reported.

Like other Solzhenitsyn works highly critical of the Soviet system under Josef Stalin, “Cancer Ward” has been banned since it was written in 1906.

The newspaper Information quoted Serget Zalygin, editor of the Soviet literary magazine Novy Mir, as confirming that the magazine will publish “Cancer Ward” soon. He did not say how the novel might be serialized or cut.

Asked whether another Solzhenitsyn work, “Gulag Archipelago” also would be published soon, Zalygin replied: “It will also be published some time in the future. If we published everything now, you can imagine how shocked the general public would be.”
“Cancer Ward” portrays the society within a government hospital.

Solzhenitsyn, now 68, was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in 1970, but Soviet authorities forced him to decline it under threat of revoking his citizenship if he went to Stockholm to receive it.

In 1974, he was arrested, accused of treason and deported, after being stripped of his citizenship. He now lives in the United States.
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