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Nuclear Period
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Bolshevik Revolution
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Thermonuclear War
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The Four Stage Plan


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    After carefully every aspect of society, Andrei Sakharov suggests a positive alternative, which would require the cooperation of all the government and the people of the world, to promote world peace, intellectual freedom and scientific progress.

The First Stage [1968-1980]
There would be several ideological splits within the Communist Party to establish the spirit of healthy competition, presenting a chance for “ acute ideological struggles and discussions and then to the ideological victory of the realists, affirming the policy of peaceful coexistence…”

The Second Stage [1972-1985]
Pressure from capitalist countries would push socialist countries into social progress, starting with “changes in the structure of ownership” ~ for example, the government should not own every business or means of communication.

The Third Stage [1972-1990]
The strongest nations, at this point, would cooperate to a certain degree, banning together to “solve the problem of saving the poorer half of the world.” The twenty percent national tax is applied to these richer nations. Factories, powered by atomic energy, would spur on a new era of industrialization, food production, and the synthesis of protein, amino acids and carbohydrates. At the same time, disarmament would proceed.

The Fourth Stage [1980-2000]
Intellectual freedom, civil rights, scientific and economic progress would flourish in this last stage, leading to the creation of the “world government.” Also, during this period, advancements made in space exploration would enable humans to live and work on the moon. There would also be biological achievements made, improving the quality of people’s lives.
All levels of this plan are only safe under the direction of intelligent worldwide guidance and would require “ the greatest possible scientific foresight and concern for human values of a moral, ethical and personal character.”
2003 Seevak [Andrei Sakharov].