Yitzhak Rabin
A Born Leader
"It was imbued with a pride of being Jewish.” - Yitzhak Rabin
Rabin at age 20.

After eight years at the Workers’ Children School and two years in a regional intermediary school, Yitzhak took his exams and was admitted into the Kadouri Agricultural School, a boarding school. In 1936, during his time in this boarding school, Palestine was rocked by widespread strikes and riots among the Arab population ; as a result, the school began training children to use weapons. When the school was later closed, Yitzhak moved to Kibbutz Ginossar on the Sea of Galilee. At first he worked in agriculture and as a guard, then as an auxiliary officer. As World War II started, he returned to school and graduated as a prize student.
During the war Yitzhak decided that it was only right for him to leave education and join a communal training group at Kibbutz Ramat-Yohanan, north of Haifa. A commander of the Haganah, “the underground military arm of the Jewish Agency in Palestine,” soon approached him. By the time that Israel was formerly established by the United Nations in 1945, Rabin had started his career in the national citizen militia, the Palmach. Although the Jewish people had finally realized their dream of resurrecting the Jewish state, the road ahead would be long and painful. Yitzhak Rabin would be a major role in the unfolding history of Israel.

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Yitzhak Rabin