Esther Chavez Cano is a feminist, who was born in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. When she was applying for colleges, she could not major in certain courses, like psychology, because she was a woman. As a result, she decided to study accountancy and later became an accountant. After her graduation it was very hard to get hired by a company because she was a female living in a somewhat misogynistic society. After searching for a long time she was finally offered the opportunity to work for Kraft Foods, one of the biggest companies in Mexico City. She worked for Kraft Foods for several years but soon in 1984, she has to quit her job and move to assist her suicidal aunt in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
Esther Chavez came to Juarez with intentions of helping her aunt and then hoping to move back to Chihuahua. After her aunt died at 94, 12 years later, she decided that Ciudad Juarez was now her new home. After the death of her aunt, Chavez became the manager of Tocadoras y Marmoles, in Juarez. After a few years of managing the store, she decided to sell the store and in 1993 opened a boutique. At this time women began to disappear and many women were being found dead along the borders of Mexico. Many of the women were found mutilated, stabbed, or brutally beaten then dumped in random locations. Whenever a woman was found dead, Esther Chavez would close her store to show a sign of sorrow and remembrance for the woman.
Bodies began to be found almost everyday and the police were doing nothing about it.” “ Esther Chavez felt helpless and unsettled but instead of watching the death toll rise she decided to do something about it. So, in 1999 she opened Casa Amiga, which translates to “friendly home”.
Although she is 68 years old and only 5 feet tall she has gained admiration by all her colleagues and the people of Juarez. Esther Chavez faces opposition by the Mexican Government, because they believe that she holds too much power over the 1.5 million people of Juarez. Even at her age she still faces them head on with out discretion. She is determined to bring justice to the women who have lived and lost their lives in San Juarez due to violent crimes and cannot fight for themselves. Currently Chavez is still the president of Casa Amiga and has a column in the daily newspaper “El Diario de Juarez” where she writes about the lives and murders of women who live in Juarez. She dos not know when the murders will stop, but she does state that she will not give up the fight for justice until peace is seen in Juarez.