Elaine Brown’s Singing Career

As a child, Elaine was involved with many “white things”. She went to a “white school” called the Thaddeus Stevens and could talk “white”. Not only could she talk “white” she did “white things” such as playing the piano at the age of six, taking ballet at eh Sydney School of Dance and went on theatre tours to the Academy of Music.

Her involvement with music led her onto a road as a composer, writer of music and vocalist. In the early 1970s she released two albums, Seize the Time by Vanguard Records and Until We’re Free by Black Forum Records (Motown). Both of these records include songs relating to love, freedom and revolution.

One of the songs in “Seize the Time” called “The Meeting” became the Black Panthers National Anthem, which was first published in The Black Panther newspapers in the spring of 1969. In 2002, Elaine re-recorded one of her original songs for the Black Panther record called “The Fugitives”.

Seize the Time
-recordings produced by Ed Michel
-Recorded at Vault Recording Studio, LA, c. 1969. Engineering almost certainly by Ed Fournier.

Seize the Time
1) Seize the Time
2) The Panthers
3) And All Stood By
4) The End of Silence
5) The Meeting
6) A Very Black Man
7) Take It Away
8) One Time
9) Assassination
10) Poppa’s Coming Home
Until We’re Free
- produced in April of 1973


Until We’re Free
1) No Time
2) Jonathan
3) Can't Go Back
4) All The Young And Fine Men
5) Until We're Free
6) I Know Who You Are
7) Child In The World
8)A Little Baby
9) And We Shall Meet Again

Black Panther National Anthem
Yes — He turned and he walked
Past the eyes of my life.
And, he nodded and sang without sound.
And his face had the look
Of a man who knew strife
And a feeling familiarly came around.


I said,
Man, where have you been for all these years
Man, where were you when I sought you
Man, do you know me as I know you
Man, am I coming through
And, he spoke in a voice
That was centuries old.
And, he smiled in a way that was strange.
And, his full lips of night
Spoke about our people's plight
And a feeling familiarly came around.

And, we sat and we talked
About freedom and things.
And, he told me about what he dreamed.
But I knew of that dream
Long before he had spoke
And a feeling familiarly came around