MAJJ (Mothers Advocating Juvenile Justice)

Elaine Brown is currently part of Mothers Advocating Juvenile Justice (MAJJ), an organization fighting for reforms in the criminal justice system for juveniles. One of its goals is the repeal of the law allowing trial and incarceration of children as adults. Another is for promoting racial equality in sentencing of juveniles and in prosecuting criminals in general. MAJJ is also taking action by making efforts toward education, rehabilitation, and better treatment of incarcerated children. They are working to educate the public on the treatment of imprisoned juveniles, especially those in adult prisons, and provide support for their families.

Asides from the MAJJ, Elaine Brown is also the founder and president of Fields of Flowers, Inc and a board member of the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation. Fields of Flowers, Inc. is a non-profiting educational corporation set up in Atlanta, Georgia to become a large education center for blacks and other poor children. Also a non-profiting, the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation is an organization set out to preserve the teachings and history of the Black Panther Party by preserved documents. The organization also wants to maintain a sense of enlightening and informing in the education society, as those were the key aspects behind the motives of the BPP.