Being a woman of perseverance, it is not surprising that Elaine Brown is still fighting to be heard today. Through her lectures, not only is she voicing her opinion, she is spreading awareness of our nation’s political faults and social injustices. She focuses on problems of race relations, gender oppression, and class disparity, hoping for an egalitarian and inclusive society. For example, in one of her lectures, she criticized the crime system of America, bringing up the case of Little B, a black juvenile delinquent immediately marked as a “super-predator” when allegations were made. She then compared it to the case of Kip Kinkel, the “little white boy from Oregon”, whom the public and authorities thoroughly investigated as to why he would commit such a crime. “In America, the color of crime is black,” she said to sum up her point. She then spoke about the racist issues on standardized testing, health care, and welfare, where underprivileged minority families are being neglected. Also in her lecture, she criticized leaders, both past and present, such as Bill Clinton with his 1994 hate crime legislation, which increased incarceration of black males, and Thomas Jefferson for his tolerance to slavery. To contrast, she discussed leaders she looked up to such as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. This lecture is just one of a number that she has made, as she strives to educate and motivate our people for change.

One of Elaine’s recent undertakings has been in speaking conventions such as Speak Out 2002, which was a tour for lecturers during Black History Month. Elaine Brown has also been taking action in speaking at many colleges. Some of her recent visits have been at Ohio Union and Syracuse University, where she discussed her opinions on the “New Age Racism” of America today. Another was at Binghamton University, where she joined Felipe Luciano, founder of the Young Lords Party to discuss radicalism and activism. Other topics her lectures include are African Americans, The Black Panther Party, Women and Feminism, Prisons and Prisoner Abuse, the Civil Rights Movement, Police Brutality, and other topics criticizing politics and society.