Conflicts with the police

"It's stretching the imagination to think it was a fluke that the police orchestrated and executed such a well-planned assault on a Panther facility on the very day, in the very same time period, that the US people were murdering Panthers [Jan 17 shootings]. There's some kind of concert going on here. That's all."
"So who's calling the tune?"
"The fucking FBI!"

J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI had declared 1969 to be the last year of the Communist threat of the Panther. After the UCLA shootings orchestrated by both the FBI and the US, Elaine and others were forced simply to regroup and rebuild. In spite of continuing pressure from both organizations, they were able to open a free-breakfast program and clinic. They continued making rallies, speeches, and pamphlets on issues affecting the L.A. blacks and poor. They tried to deal with the police and retaliated against the US assaults.

Several major conflicts near Elaine:
Jan. 1st, 1969, BPP's underground leader Frank Diggs was killed.

Bobby Seale was faced with the trial of the Chicago Seven (Bobby, tried separately, was actually the only black, eighth defendant) for
conspiracy to start a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

In May, before the conclusion of the Chicago Seven trial Bobby Seale and Ericka Huggins were charged with a murder conspiracy.

In April the FBI staged a raid during a meeting of about a hundred Panthers at the Southern California Chapter. There was a standoff, until
Elaine and Joan Kelley contacted the news media and prompted the police to withdraw.

In December eleven Panthers held off several hundred police for five hours before surrendering, in what the reporters termed a "mini-Vietnam."

Later in December, Chicago Chapter's leader Fred Hampton was assassinated by the FBI.

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It is in this year that Elaine becomes pregnant with her only daughter, Ericka Brown, fathered by Comrade Masai Hewitt, and releases her album Seize the Time. She almost leaves the party after one of these FBI raids in October, and after Masai Hewitt suddenly married another women, regains her inspiration and decides against it.