Huey Newton

"I have lived to touch you," he said softly.
My escorts were still immobilized.
"I've listened to your voice and your songs over and over in my prison cell and dreamed of you," he whispered… His breath was a kiss.
"Welcome home, Comrade."

Huey Newton was the dreamer behind the finding of the Black Panther Party. Although he came from the ghetto he was well spoken and very passionate about his ideas. Being spirited away to prison for the killing of a policeman soon after the founding of the BPP granted Huey an almost immediate 'martyr' status, as Free Huey campaigns sprung up all throughout America, making his return even more momentous.

Huey Newton met with Elaine as soon as she arrived in the U.S. Elaine told Huey about Eldridge's wishes, much relieved to find that Huey did not agree with him. Yet, Eldridge still posed a significant threat to the BPP. His disagreement with Huey split the BPP into two factions, the "Cleaverite's" based in New York and Huey Newton's group based in Oakland, California. Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, and other prominent members of the BPP publicly denounced and expelled Eldridge from the BPP. The New York chapter as well as several other areas all defected from the BPP, and tensions continued to increase, actually resulting in the assassination of a BPP member, Sam Napier, loyal to Huey. Not surprisingly, old friends the FBI and US organization seized upon the weakness within the party by increasing their assaults on the Panthers and Panther facilities within Los Angeles. Elaine moved to Oakland for safety.